Faith versus Faithfulness

  Accepting Jesus Christ as my savior was a huge step for me, my proverbial crossing of the line. This proclamation is very specific in describing my faith and what I believe. It is marked progress from saying "I believe in a higher power." Having faith is beautiful because there is … Continue reading

Emptiness Inside

In sipping coffee with a friend we talked and laughed about a great many things. She stated something that made me pause and consider why it resonated so powerfully. "God fills us because He created us", she said. I recalled being told "You will always need God because your husband will never … Continue reading

My New Lens

We said good-bye to Jason's cousin who had stopped by to visit. As the door closed, I said, "I can't in good conscious agree with the criticisms you both were making about Harvard's black student commencement." Jason read a headline about Harvard convening its first commencement just for black … Continue reading

Receiving Graciously

  Jason had his long awaited cervical fusion at C6-C7 on June 19, 2017. Nine months ago our health insurance denied his claim for this treatment two days before the surgery, so we held our breath through Father's Day. Through the days leading up to the surgery there were many friends … Continue reading